Saturday, 5 September 2009


This is a really old painting I did in my first few weeks at art school, many moons ago. I really like it though. Painting was a pretty new discipline for me and I did it from a black and white photo of Bertrand Russell, fairly quickly and spontaneously.

It's so long since I've done any painting or drawing. I really want to get back into it, but it takes committment and I know I would have to do at least 10-15 crap drawings before I got a decent one I didn't hate - and I'm too much of a perfectionist and too impatient to go through that process.

Maybe when I have babies, I will spend my afternoons painting and drawing again, that would be really nice.

This is a life drawing I did a few years back as well. Rubbish resolution but you get the idea. Again it came out quite spontaneously without me thinking about it too much. I love when it happens like that.


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