Tuesday, 3 August 2010

dressmaker required

I bought this dress of E-Bay a good year ago for a 1920s evening I was going to. Even before I won the bid I realised it wouldn't get to me on time but I then it was too late, I just HAD to have it.

It's original 1920s, made in Paris for a shop in Chicago. Oh, I can just see it now, the flapper girls in a Chicago club, Charlston, early Jazz scene...

It's so fragile and it looks like it's made out of tights with heavy beads embroidered, thread bear in places, stained in others, and too big for me anyway. My neighbour is a dress-maker, used to work for the National Ballet, and she said she'll see what she can do for me. Either way, I don't care - if I ever get married THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO WEAR.

(At some point I'll also get some better photos of it)

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Drake said...

Oh, that's lovely!


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